81 Days of Prayer


We need men, women and youth to stand as PRAYER WARRIORS before the LORD of Hosts to intercede for the Healing of our Nation’s hurts and divisions. We need PRAYER WARRIORS to beg God for His mercy and His grace to be showered upon us and our NATION. Beginning on Aug 15, 2020 - Nov 3, 2020 join in prayer with many in our parish. A prayer booklet with the daily prayers for each of the 81 days will be printed in St. John Parish Office. **If you and your family would like to join as PRAYER WARRIORS for this very important mission for our NATION then call the parish office to request this 48 page booklet. OR you may drop a note in an envelope marked PRAYER WARRIOR in the collection basket at the entrance of the church with your name and number of books that you will USE by the weekend of AUG 1-2, 2020.

The soul of our Nation is dependent upon men, women and children to take up the spiritual weapons that God has given us for the good of our NATION.
***If you can read and pray, then you can be a PRAYER WARRIOR!!!

Free download of the booklet.