Pilgrimage to Holy Land and Rome

Add Mon, Feb 7 - Fri, Feb 18

A Pilgrimage that goes to the HOLY LAND and ROME in the same trip will be amazing. Seeing the Holy Land is certainly a religious experience to walk and see the places that Jesus walked, taught and saw Himself. To visit the place of His birth and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (which has within it the place of Crucifixion on Calvary and Tomb of the Risen Lord) certainly strengthens our faith. To see the Holy Father at St. Peter’s along with the other major basilicas of Rome, the heart of the Christianity and the Catholic Church, will be an experience of the Universal Church. 

Cost is $4,799 per person, double occupancy. If you are interested in going or would like more information contact Fr. Bruce Fogle at 270-554-3810 or email at fr.bruce.fogle@comcast.net