All Lives Matter

They are happening in the United States, in Pakistan or Australia or elsewhere. They are carried out by cowardly terrorists or mentally disturbed loners or fame seekers. They attack little, defenseless, innocent children. We have had way too many children slaughtered in the schools or homes by the murderers. Then we hear 'Black Lives Matter,' which is true!! Well, 'All Lives Matter.' The 'Unborn Babies Lives Matter,' too!

Schools are not the only place where children are attacked! The most dangerous place for children to be today is in the womb of their mothers. They are being killed every single day by the thousands but that does not reach the news. Have we become so immune to the plight of the unborn who are being aborted? They suffer just as surely as do the school children.

When our government ruled on abortion, they made a horrible mistake. I feel it’s the duty of our government to protect all the people. We are the United States of America and should be a shining example to the rest of the world of how to take care of our people, young, old, and the unborn.

God help us all!!!