Eviction Prevention Funds

Catholic Charities has received a $10,000 CCUSA Francis Fund for Eviction Prevention grant to help renters avoid eviction in our counties...basically our entire diocese except Daviess and Warren counties due to the population being over 100,000.

Rural residents at risk for eviction can call 270-852-8335 to see if we can assist. There are also many other options available in our diocese for utility or rental assistance. Please visit owensborodiocese.org/covid-2019 for more details. Natural Family Planning

Thanks to a partnership with the St. Augustine Institute, the Diocese of Owensboro is now offering FREE instruction in the Billings Method of NFP throughout 2021! This offer includes 5 sessions with one of our trained instructors and any Catholic married or engaged couple in our Diocese (where at least one spouse is a practicing Catholic) is eligible. Contact Martha Winn to begin today! 270-796-2972 or 270-791-9434.