Sign up for Christmas Masses (Dec 24 & 25)

With Safety Guidelines still in place and looking like they will be here for a long time, we need to talk about Christmas Masses. Mass Schedule for Christmas will be as follows:

  • Thu, Dec 24: 4:00pm, 8:00pm
  • Fri, Dec 25: 7:30am


As of now the maximum limit for a Mass will be around 115 people.

  1. All families (households) ONLY REGISTERED MEMBERS OF ST. JOHN’S, will be allowed to sign up for the Mass that they hope to attend here on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  2. Sign up will be ONLINE on the Parish Website beginning at 12:00pm on Tue, Nov 17 to make your request.
  3. A confirmation email will be automatically sent to your email that you are registered for the Mass you requested.
  4. For those who DO NOT have access to the Parish Website you can call the Parish Office after 12:00pm on Tue, Nov 17 to make your request.
  5. Once 105 people of signed up for a specific Mass that Mass time will be closed and locked up and no one else can sign up for that time slot.
  6. ONLY the people whose name is on the SIGN UP LIST for the Mass time you requested will be allowed to enter the church for that Christmas Mass.
  7. Mass time sign up will go until 6:00pm on Tue, Dec 8.
  8. If ALL THREE MASS TIMES become filled by 6:00pm on Tue, Dec 8, then a 4th Christmas Mass option will become open at 12:00pm on Wed, Dec 9. That 4th Christmas Mass option, ONLY IF NEEDED, will be at 9:30am on Christmas Day, Fri, Dec 25.

THINK ABOUT THIS...FOR THE HEALTH OF THE ST. JOHN PARISH COMMUNITY...if you have family members that will be home from out of may be wise for them to be here in the Paducah area at least 14 days before Christmas in a quarantine environment. It is not very wise for people from out of state to come into our parish church community to be at Christmas Mass. Also, according to Guidelines from the Diocese ANYONE who comes from or visits a state that is consider a COVID RED STATE is not allowed to come to Mass, unless they have been here for at least 14 days in quarantine.

ALSO THINK ABOUT THIS...if you have not formally filled out a St. John Parish Registration FORM then you will not be able to request a Mass time for Christmas. SO….if you are not registered…..GET Registered.