Going Back to Pre-Pandemic Ways at Mass

St John’s will attempt to get back to PRE-COVID DAYS!

The following is a small time table of how things at Mass will begin to open up in the month of June.

Jun 4/5:

  • The ushers and greeters will no longer have to wipe down the door handles after each weekend Mass.
  • The holy water font will again have water in it after 2.5 years of being dry.   
  • The ushers will once again start using the collection baskets and walking up and down the aisles for the collection.
  • Gift bearers for the offertory will once again be reinstated with a slight variation. The gift bearers will only be bringing up the gifts of the offerings that you have given in the collection baskets. The bread and wine will already be in the sanctuary so that the Deacon can have them to get the altar prepared for the offertory of the Mass. So, on the table in the NARTHEX/VESTIBULE there will be a sign-up sheet for people/families who will be willing to serve in the liturgical ministry of gift bearers. PLEASE SIGN-UP. If, we do not have enough different people/ families to cover all the Masses here at St John’s it will be taken that “lack of interest” means that you do not want this liturgical ministry.

Jun 18/19:

  • Communion on the tongue possibly Communion from the chalice will be reinstated. There will be some homily instructions and future bulletin inserts on the proper way approach and receive Holy Communion by either on the tongue or in the hand.